Art Inspiration

Staying in Bennese Art House for now, surrounded by the beautiful island of Inujima in the Inland Sea. Of course we had to rent some electric assist bikes for a trip through the beautiful mountain roads of the island. On our itinerary was Teshima Art Museum, a beautiful two-building installation on the side of a mountain, next to bright green rice terraces. It’s crazy, you know, once you realize how much influence art has on fashion. In a way, art is fashion and fashion is art. Some would argue, but that hasn’t ever stopped me. I’ve grown up with art (my dad is a sculptor and my mom is a painter) and once you see it so many times, it stops being so hidden. You understand it better. But there’s still an element of mystery, which almost makes me like it more. In a way fashion is like that too, like when a designer makes something so out of the ordinary and you’re like What is that? like Why did they make that? But then you realize Oh wait, they’re artists. This is normal. Even though you still can’t fully comprehend it, it’s like you’re not supposed to. Sorry, feeling deep today. I just find it amazing that one little thing, one tiny droplet of water, makes so many ripples. I think the art museum really got me thinking about that. A quiet fountain.


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